Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Gospel Brunch performers at House of Blues
Sunday, 20 January 2013 – Today was planned as a reasonably quiet one to catch up on laundry, blogs, postcards, television and enjoy the house.   Justyn had planned for us all to head into Downtown Disney to the House of Blues for a Gospel Brunch.  Starting at 11am, we walked to the Disney tram and caught it to Downtown Disney.  Dodging the many fans of the San Francisco 49ers who were queuing to get in to the various venues showing the semi final live, we collected our tickets and headed into the House of Blues.  An astounding buffet was part of the brunch – we enjoyed southern specialties such as cornbread muffins with maple butter, pecan caramel sticky buns, hickory smoked bacon, sausage links, homemade biscuits and country gravy, breakfast potatoes, homemade waffles, omelette station, southern fried chicken, homemade macaroni and cheese, Creole chicken and shrimp jambalaya, carved smoked turkey breast and baked ham, and even brunch dessert!  After fueling up, we sat back and watched a great gospel show with the most amazing singers – by the end the entire crowd was up on their feet clapping and dancing along.  Regardless of your religious persuasion or lack thereof, the music and their passion was very uplifting and you couldn’t help but get into the spirit of the occasion. 

After being entertained by the gospel show, we decided to go separate ways for the afternoon.  Mum and dad found a shady spot to listen to the musicians playing in the square, Peter and the kids hit the Lego store before going to the outlet mall for some shopping and Justyn and I wandered around Downtown Disney mixing people watching with some shopping.  Finally we collected mum and dad and caught a taxi back to the house to have a bit of rest and relaxation!
Justyn & lego hulk
Later this afternoon, our friend Patty and her daughter Keegan who live in San Diego were coming to visit so Justyn and I decided that we needed a few items from the grocery store so we took the Red Baron (the name of our Dodge Journey SUV of course!) out for a drive around the local streets.  Visits to the diverse American grocery stores are a huge source of entertainment for Justyn and me as we love checking out the different items and especially gazing longingly at the cereal aisle!  There was no cinnabon cereal but we danced a little jig when we discovered find Ben and Jerry’s Late Night Snack icecream in the freezer section! 
Dinner at W Laster with family & friends
Before long Patty and Keegan were knocking on the door.  We had last seen them nearly three years ago when we were riding rollercoasters so it was wonderful that we were able to catch up again.  They had booked a hotel not far from our house and stayed for dinner.  When the shoppers returned, it was wonderful to be able to introduce Keegan to Taylor, Brittany and Byron and the two girls got along instantly.  For dinner, we decided to try The Cheesecake Factory based on Patty’s recommendation so with order in hand, Peter and Taylor braved the traffic and queues to fetch our dinner which included a Banana Cream Cheesecake!  Dinner was great (even though the cheesecake was completely frozen…) and there was lots of laughs and stories over glasses of wine and beers.

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