Wednesday, January 2, 2013

7 Days From Departure

The excitement is building!

VIEWING PREPARATION: The Big Easy, The Blues Brothers 2000, Man Vs Food

I can almost taste the BBQ - well that might be the home-style barbeque we had yesterday, but the anticipation of that first juicy bite into the smokey rib or brisket in Texas is making my mouth water 7 days out from our trip!
So some things are planned, others are left up to how we feel on the day, but there's no doubt that travelling through America is one of our great joys.  Doubly special this time as we will be sharing our adventures with the family as well!
Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and California are on the agenda for this trip - a let me tell you that purchasing a pair of my own cowboy boots are going to be a highlight!

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