Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Tuesday, 15 January 2013 – Today it was time to head across the state line and into Louisiana. The weather was atrocious for any real sightseeing in Houston, so even though checkout time was midday, we were in the White Kitty and on our way by 10am. Our driving plan was to head to Lake Charles in Louisiana for a lunch stop before making our way to Lafayette for our overnight stop. We jumped on the I 10 WB, put the foot down and tootled our way along the interstate for a couple of hours before reaching Lake Charles.
Pronia's Deli & Bakery

The state line was marked on a bridge with absolutely nowhere to stop, but Justyn still managed to check us in on FB as we flashed by! We did notice the change in landscape as we left Texas and entered Louisiana – we were surrounded by ‘casino’s’ which means that if you have a slot machine in your foyer, you are designated a casino, and the many bridges we travelled over. Texas is very flat and Louisiana seems to be very ‘bridgy’! Arriving in Lake Charles (with a detour of the city provided by Simon…), we stopped for lunch in the rain at a diner popular with university students, Pronia’s Deli and Bakery. As usual, eyes were bigger than stomachs and we sample fried cheese sticks, a muffaletta, tamales, meatball sub and the bottomless soda. I attempted to find a magnet but they didn’t have any so we decided to find the Lake Charles visitors centre – they always have souvenirs don’t they?? Well no they don’t… But they could sign us up for duck hunting if we were interested. Thanks but no, a magnet was all we wanted! And it was darn cold in Lake Charles!! We had a lovely chat with a couple of retirees who saw us trying to take a ‘selfie’ and jumped out of their motor home to offer their photography services. After telling us they were a long way from their home near Chicago and heading to Florida for the rest of the winter; they asked where we were from and just about fell over when we told them Australia – they’d never met any Australians before so we turned on the ‘strine, had a chat then both went on our ways. Time was ticking on and we wanted to get to Lafayette before the sun set so back onto the I 10 WB we went and set of in the White Kitty.
Justyn had decided on our accommodations for our night in Lafayette and so he went with a loft style over a hotel. The rain was pouring down and the light was fading as we arrive at Buchanan Lofts. With car parking across the street and no lift, poor Justyn was on luggage duty once we arrived (well I did do all the driving!) It was a very unusual place – gorgeous but with no one on duty to check us in! We called the cell number, received a code to enter once they confirmed our booking and went up the stairs.
Buchanan Lofts, Lafayette
Most of the lofts had their doors open and we encountered another lady who was checking out the lofts and picking which one she wanted to stay in! Obviously you couldn’t get into the lofts where people were staying but she was definitely eyeing Loft Number 7 which we had already selected!! As the weather was miserable, Justyn went for a wander before meeting the loft lady to get our key and I stayed indoors, showered and caught up on the blog. Dinner was really great Japanese from around the corner at Tsunami Sushi and an early night in front of the telly with a load of washing on!

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