Monday, January 14, 2013


9 January 2013 (01/09/13) – Yee-haw!  We are in Texas!  We are staying at the downtown hotel, known by the locals as SFA (nooooooooo the letters don’t stand for that, it’s the Stephen F. Austin Intercontinental) which is central to everything!  After arriving this afternoon, we relished the hot shower and the chance to change clothes after travelling in the same outfits for 36 hours, before heading out to Bangers for dinner. 
Bangers is the sausage and beer house where they create both sausages and beer in-house.  It is in a street that looks like a regular street of houses, but the houses are bars and restaurants – pretty groovy actually.  The seating is communal at Bangers, stuffed pig heads adorn the walls and the menu is overwhelming considering the only choices are sausages and beer!  I decided to try the Smoky Bear sausage which was wild boar xxxxxxx with a kolache (sweet) bun, caramelized onions, sauerkraut, and special bbq sauce – deeeelicious!  Justyn went for the bbq bacon and shrimp sausage with white cheese grits which was also awesome!
Smoky Bear Sausage (top) & BBQ Bacon & Shrimp Sausage (bottom)
  The variety of beers was astounding and Justyn had a difficult time deciding what to choose but went with a Live Oak Big Bark Lager followed by a Adelbert Naked Nun Wit infused with coriander and orange peel – both went very well with the sausage!  Not being a beer drinker, I started on the ciders one of which came in a bottle the size of a wine bottle!  It was a cherry infused apple cider called Cherry Tree which I made a decent effort on but the lack of sleep caught up with us so we went back to the SFA, and fell asleep at 8pm!

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